What is Farmergotchi?

Farmergotchi will make home gardening with smart soil a more enjoyable experience for everyone, thus becoming “Smart Farmers”. Every family will then be able to grow healthy vegetables with zero effort.

Why does vegetable planting at home work with SmartSoil?

Our research and development team successfully develop SmartSoil which automaticly release nutrients along the life cycle of plants, no extra nutrient solution is needed throughout the whole growing process, simply just use tap water to make the plants grow without any GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, or other harmful substances.

Is SmartSoil cultivation safe?

STC Test Report (Please click for preview)

The report shows that the (metal impurity content) of the vegetables grown by SmartSoil is tested to be safety consumable

Steps to grow with SmartSoil?

1.Cut off the top part of SmartSoil container
2.Place the whole pack with basket into the Planting holes (Refill the reservoir with water, please beware the water level should cover 1/3 of the planting basket)
3.No extra nutrient solution is needed , seeds germinates after approximately 5-6 days (Depends on the variety of seeds)

When can I start eating them?

Typically 3 – 4 weeks for leafy greens. With the exception of fruits, almost all cruciferous vegetables have a short-term nature. (About 30 days of harvest)

*Every plant’s growing period is different. Smart Soil seeds germinates 30% faster than soil based plants.

Do plants require 24 hours of lighting?

Plant growth requires rest and cannot receive light for 24 hours. It is suggested that it should receive 16 – 18 hours of light each day.

What cannot be planted?

Roots, mushrooms, fruits, large plants

Does the water need to be changed constantly? What is the fertilization interval?

Usually water only needs to be added to the reservoir when the water level cannot reach 1/3 of the planting basket

Do I need to buy fertilizers?

No. SmartSoil contains nutrient particles sufficient for the growth of whole life cycle of plant

Where do I buy smartsoil?

We provide a variety of smartsoil with seeds to be purchased online!

Why do some seeds not germinate?

Reasons behind seed germination failure includes insufficient water in reservoir or lack of light received over 24 hours.

Why is the germination rate low?

Every seed has a different germination rate.

What to do if the LED plant light is not working?

We provide 1 year warranty service (2 times onsite maintenance) for FGC1 premium Smart Soil system
One time exchange is allowed within 1 year of purchase for other devices

What to do if the air pump is not working?

Please feel free to contact our service staff for product replacement within 1 year warranty period (For Premium SmartSoil system)
Or you may contact our staff to purchase extra repairing parts (For other smartsoil devices)