FGC1 Indoor Gardening System

Suitable for residential clubhouse, fitness room, schools, office receptions, conference rooms and shopping malls
Can lighten up indoor environment and improve air quality , Let’s GO GREEN

FGC1 Indoor Gardening System

Product Specification

Material:Walnut Color

 Size : 80cm(L) x30cm (D) 108cm (H)

Growing spots : 24 holes(Each diameter:30 mm)

8 LED light tubes (11w)

AirPump X1

Electricity Supply :  220-240 V (includes power cable) x 2


FGC2 Indoor Gardening System

Create your home hydroponic garden with our Mini Version Gardening System

FGC2 Indoor Gardening System

Product Specification

Material:White Lid Desktop Tank

 Size : 48cm(L) x19.5cm (D) 45cm (H)

Growing spots : 9 holes(Each diameter:30 mm)

126 small LED light bulbs

AirPump X1

Electricity Supply :  220-240 V (includes power cable) x 1

How to grow with SmartSoil?

Our research and development team successfully develop SmartSoil which automaticly release nutrients along the life cycle of plants, no extra nutrient solution is needed throughout the whole growing process, simply just use tap water to make the plants grow without any GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, or other harmful substances.

User Friendly, Zero-effort to grow

1.Cut off the top part of SmartSoil container
2.Place the whole pack with basket into the Planting holes (Refill the reservoir with water, please beware the water level should cover 1/3 of the planting basket)
3.No extra nutrient solution is needed , seeds germinates after approximately 5-6 days

Exclusive "Farmergotchi Application"


“Farmergotchi App”: free installation from Google Play Store

6 major features include:

1. “One-click” family video calls
2. “Home Gardening Diary” can be saved or shared to the social media platform (coming soon)
3.  Free health consultation service (video conference call to clinic)
4.  Medication Alarm
5.  Warm prompt message service such as tips for planting and life care messages
6.  Smart Soil Online Shop
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“One Touch” Skype Video Call

Connect Family members through an instant video call by just a single click


Free Video Health Consultation Service

Free Video Health Consultation Service / Clinic Appointment


Medication Alarm

You may enter the name of medication and preset the starting Date / Time for the first dose  and the times intake per day , alarm comes with a popup notification works on your device for medication reminder

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Customer Service

Our team will provide professional customer service for all buyers during office hours

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You may add a new contact by entering the SkypeID with a Nickname, then pick a photo of your friend from the photo Gallery


Smart Soil Online Shop

Want to refill your smartsoil? Simply purchase it online